Branding for Technically Spiritual

As the marketing intern at Technically Spiritual, I created the branding for the podcast and the graphics for social media posts. You can see the style guide in my portfolio.

I collaborated with the host of the podcast to create the brand’s mark to fit the vision of the project. When I started working with the podcast’s marketing team, there was an existing logotype and mark. My first assignment was to develop the mark and create new options.

I began by refining the existing mark. I established a white that was a pale cream to reduce the contrast between a pure black and pure white. The existing logotype used Cormorant Garamond, and we kept it because the elegant typeface suited the sophisticated look of the brand.

The initial mark was created before I joined the team and was influenced by a moodboard that was created by Prerna Manchanda (the host). It used circles around the logotype to reference loading, but it felt too close to existing UI. We also wanted to distinguish ourselves from other podcasts on mindfulness, and wanted to avoid the circle as a mark (On Being uses the O in On Being as a graphic mark).

We worked on different ways to expand on the mark, thinking about rays of light, loading bars and circular elements. The goal was to reference the UI of loading and themes of the podcast like mindfulness and connection to nature.

The rays of light expanded on the circular loading symbol and connected to nature in the minimal and abstract aesthetic of our brand.

Although I the rays were my favorite strategy, it was not my role to make the final decision.

We went with a rule that uses a gradient to fade out. It references an essential element of graphic design and the idea of loading by referencing the convention of a progress bar filling in from left to right.

It was the right choice for this brand. It was important to keep the mark minimal and classic, without overtly referencing the topic of the podcast. With a name like Technically Spiritual, it is a good idea to avoid too literal a visual reference to those terms because the name is evocative.

I learned how to work with a close knit team and realized the vision of the project by creating a graphic representation of the podcast. I’m grateful for the experience of working on the mark for a brand, and expanding on it through the style guide and marketing graphics.

You can see the way the mark fits into the rest of the branding materials in the style guide.

Thank you!

If you’d like to talk to me about this project, please  write to me or find me on twitter!