Web design on Glitch

Glitch is a delightful tool for working on website design, I’ve been designing sites using HTML and CSS to develop my skills. Here are a few new projects.

This site about the Aurora is my most recent project, where I use grid layout to organize the content. The challenge was creating a smooth transition between a large window and a small one, which you can see if you click on the image and play around with the browser window.

The Emily Dickinson poem was a great way to work with typography on the web, and adjust it as the window size gets smaller which you can see by adjusting your window. The small window keeps in mind a user on their phone, who would need a smaller font since they would be holding the screen closer to their eyes.

The Jane Austen site is a multiple page website that uses layout methods for the navigation, and for areas of text like in the visit page. It also includes a section for the author’s books where you can read the first chapter of each of her novels. The site shows the fundamental design elements of a website, as well as the skills involved to build a site.

I’m still making projects, and they will be updated on my Glitch profile page.